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500g/0.001g Analytical balance Scale, Digital Milligram Scale with Calibration Weights, Jewellery and Gem Scale, Lab Scale.

Introducing our versatile and precise scale with both AC and DC power supply options.

This LCD scale offers the convenience of dual-use, allowing you to switch between AC and DC power sources effortlessly. It provides high-precision measurements and supports four units of measurement: grams, carats, ounces, and pounds, catering to a wide range of weighing needs.

The Auto-Calibration feature ensures consistent accuracy over time, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. To ensure stability during measurements, the scale comes equipped with a Level Ball.

With the added Windshield, you can shield the weighing surface from air currents, ensuring even more accurate readings.

The LED Display with Backlight enhances visibility, making it easy to read measurements even in dimly lit environments. The scale also features a Parts Count function, allowing you to count small parts efficiently.

The Tare Function enables you to weigh items in containers while automatically deducting the container’s weight, providing precise net measurements.

Unit Conversions can be done seamlessly, allowing you to switch between different units of measurement as needed.


  • Max Measure Weight: 500g
  • Accuracy: 0.001g

Whether you need to measure fine powders, precious gems, or any other delicate items with high precision, our scale is the perfect tool to ensure accurate and reliable results.

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