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320g x 0.1mg Lab Analytical Balance Scale 0.0001g High Accuracy Electronic Scientific Scale for Laboratory

Analytical Balance Scale 0.0001g

This lab scale is the pinnacle of accuracy, designed to meet the demanding needs of scientific research and analytical applications. With a remarkable readability of 0.0001 grams (0.1 milligrams), it empowers you to measure minute quantities of substances with unmatched precision.

  • Accuracy: 0.1mg (0.0001g)
  • Units: g, ct
  • Weighing Pan: 80mm
  • Linearity Error: ±0.3mg
  • Power: 100-240V
  • Interface: RS232 Connection
  • Sensor: High Accuracy Electromagnetic Force
  • Material: Durable ABS body, Stainless steel weighing pan, Aluminum alloy Base
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