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Pig Platform 1.5m x 0.6m Pig Scale

Pig Scale

When weighing pigs you want to be sure that the scale you are using is accurate, durable, convenient, and most importantly, animal-friendly.

  • Suitable for Pig
  • Strong Steel construction
  • Robust design – expanded mesh
  • Digital Platform
  • 6V/1.3Ah rechargeble  or Lithium battery.  The indicator can be detached and Charged from a Different location.

Here’s what makes our Pig Scale stand out:

  • Uncompromising accuracy: Ensure accurate weight measurements for optimal animal health and performance.
  • Built to last: Strong steel construction withstands the demands of everyday farm use.
  • Animal-friendly design: The expanded mesh platform provides comfort and traction, reducing stress for your pigs.
  • Easy operation: Digital display and rechargeable battery offer simple and convenient usage.
  • Maximum flexibility: Detachable indicator allows for charging in a different location.
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