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Aflatoxin Rapid Testing Kit – MONITOX 2.5

MONITOX 2.5 Aflatoxin Rapid Testing Kit.An instrument for the monitoring of Aspergillus (Aflatoxin-producer) in foodstuff and grains. MONITOX 2.5, is a locally fabricated instrument for the detection of the Aflatoxin-producing fungus in grains, legumes, spices, and nuts. It is based on AACC-approved method 45-15.01.

MONITOX 2.5 can detect the presence/absence of the Aflatoxin- producer Aspergillus in different foodstuffs.

MONITOX 2.5 uses the UV ray (365 nm) feature to enlighten in a fluorescent color those grains infected by kojic acid, a metabolite of the Aflatoxin-producer Aspergillus that reacts with the thermolabile peroxidase of the sample.

The infected grains can be easily recognized, as their color – unlike healthy grains – changes. The colors of contaminated grains vary from fluorescent yellow to electric blue.

Some grains can also change into fluorescent orange: these grains are unimportant, as this color doesn’t mean that the grain is infected by Aspergillus, but it reveals the presence of some usual and not dangerous bacteria in the soil.

As an indication,2 fluorescent grains(or part of fluorescent grains) in 1 kilo are sufficient to exceed the 5 ppb. As an indication,4 fluorescent grains(or part of fluorescent grains) in 1 kilo are sufficient to exceed the 20 ppb.


  • Bigger representative sample (500 gr – 1000 gr instead of the standard laboratory quantity of 50 gr).
  • Real-time analysis.
  • Easy to use (no specialized technical personnel required).
  • HPLC or ELISA analyses are repeatable in the same sample (non-destructive testing).
  • External Aspergillus contamination is easily visible.
  • No maintenance required.
  • No need of reactants, perishable or expiring goods.
  • Not consumable.


  • Chassis in black ABS – 5 mm thick
  • Tray in black ABS – 5 mm thick
  • Power lead
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Rectangular window-UV filter

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